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On-the-go freeze-dried smoothie powders.

Why freeze-dried?

Due to the low processing temperatures when freeze-drying the nutrients and colour of our food products are maintained. The major advantage of freeze-drying is the ability to produce real and nutritious food ingredients or easy meals such as Eva's smoothies, that have a shelf life of 3 years! Freeze-drying makes food products versatile, accessible and extremely convenient.


Life today is all about being on the go and sometimes it can be hard to keep up and make time for the things that really matter. Eva's smoothies will help you to get the essential nutrients in without wasting any time - and they taste delicious! 

I've blended together your favourite fruits, veges, nuts, seeds, and protein and freeze-dried them so that all you need to do is rehydrate with water or your choice of milk. So don't muck about prepping, shopping, and struggling to carry multiple products around with you; throw a pouch in your gym bag or keep a scoop in your shaker until you're ready for it.

My smoothies are all natural and locally made so you can be confident you're getting in real goodness without making sacrifices.