Our Purpose



Today this small biz is 8 months old. I've been thinking about how much has happened and how much we have achieved since we launched, goals for the future, and the direction I want this business to go in. The purpose of Eva's Wellbeing Supplements is to create plant based products that you will benefit from, products that are made from real ingredients, that don’t contain any fillers, additives or other nasties, and that encourage a balanced way of eating.

I refuse to profit off peoples insecurities about their body's and use diet culture marketing to create and promote harmful products that are full of ingredients you can't pronounce. We don’t promise weight loss, a leaner body, a flat tummy and we will certainly never sell fat burner gummies or teas that make you shit yourself. But what we do promise are products that are completely natural, delicious and convenient, will nourish and fuel your body and mind, and leave you feeling satisfied. Eva's is about giving your body what it needs, REAL FOOD.
I cant wait to expand our product range, there are some really exciting things in the works. These last 8 months have been surreal, thank you for all the support so far, this is just the beginning! 😉💛✨

- Eva Sophia