Planning a Tramp?

Planning a tramp somewhere in New Zealand? Trying to sort out your itinerary and figure out how many days you'll be gone and how much food you'll need can be challenging. Eva's Wellbeing Supplements  can help with that, our freeze-dried smoothie blends were designed specifically with tramping and outdoor activities in mind. We have blended and freeze-dried all the best fruits and veges with oats, maca powder, chia seeds, and more to help keep you nourished and full while on your adventure.


Eva's 100g or 150g smoothie pouches are the perfect healthy meal option that you can easily fit into your daypack and make in  30 seconds while you take a break. Simply add 50g of Eva's smoothie powder to 250ml of cold water in a shaker or drink bottle, shake well, and enjoy!


Eva's Wellbeing Supplements is committed to  creating completely natural products that contain nothing artificial, no fillers, no preservatives or additives,  just 100% REAL ingredients.

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