Three Things You May Not Know About Eva's Wellbeing Supplements


3 things you may not know about this small business...


  • I started creating Eva's wellbeing supplements after I dropped out of uni and moved back to Christchurch from Wellington in 2018.


  • The idea for our freeze-dried smoothie powders came from years of early morning netball trainings and gym sessions before school and needing a super quick and easy but nourishing breakfast option I could just chuck in my school bag -  so I thought hey why not make a smoothie as I normally would at home, freeze-dry it, then rehydrate it and shake to make the perfect INSTANT smoothie!


  • We have never ever used diet culture marketing to sell our products. We believe that you as the consumer should always value PHYSICAL HEALTH and EMOTIONAL WELLBEING above anything else. We want to help you achieve this and embrace anti-diet culture.

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