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Blackcurrant Recovery Protein


Eva's Blackcurrant Recovery Protein - 500g / 17 servings 


Sweetened and flavoured with New Zealand berries!


Pea protein is not only high in protein but is also high in iron. But because iron from plant-based sources isn't as easily absorbed, it should be consumed with vitamin C rich foods.


Well we have solved this problem with our blackcurrant recovery protein powder! We have added some delicious freeze-dried blackcurrants and boysenberries, which are jam packed full of vitamin C and antioxidants and will enhance the benefits of our protein. Consuming antioxidant rich foods are also known to enhance your workout performance, reduce fatigue, and aid muscle recovery.


With 19g of protein per serving, Eva's Recovery Protein is the perfect addition to your pre or post workout smoothie, pancakes and much more!



Ingredients: Pea protein, Blackcurrant, Boysenberries

Contains all nine essential amino acids, vegan, 100% natural, high in iron, high in protein!


NO additives or preservatives, no synthetic flavours or colours.

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